BLINK TIPS (Beauty Tips)

March 20, 2018

There's nothing you can't accomplish unless you try it. Blink tips (Beauty tips, tricks and secrets) are formulated so easy & classy, You'll end up trying them all. Welcome to our world of solutions!!


  1. Tuck up your wet front hair/ fringes on the back with a loose clutcher until the hair almost dry and you'll get naturally falling hair on your face without special blow dryer. 
  2. Always running out of your body lotion? Consume less! Keep handy a bottle of coconut oil and apply on whole body just for 20 minutes or more, half hour before shower. No matter how harsh the scrub/ body wash is, oil will shield your skin, keep it hydrated and will also help remove dirt.
  3. Want your perfume to last longer? Stop overusing the bottle! Here's a trick :) Either moisturize enough all over or apply Vaseline on target corners to be sprayed on. Fragrance tends to stay longer on warn & moist areas. Try it!
  4. Oily skin or Dry! Here's trick to keep it healthy with just one product. Dab a cotton ball in Apple cider Vinegar and spread all over the face; Keep it for 20 minutes and wash with lukewarm water. Do it once in morning and once in evening, You'll never have to worry about the pH of your skin.
  5. Need an instant makeover but no eye shadows available? Use your lip balm and spread above your eye lids to naturally highlight your eyes. You can also use lip balm as blush to pump up the apple of  your cheeks.
  6. Straight hair to be styled in curls the next morning, but no curler available? Here is how you can do it - Roll up your hair in bun style or a simple updo. sprinkle some water on the upper layer and blow dry for 5 minutes. Next morning you wake up with those ultra natural curls and with no blow dryer- dryness! Keep experimenting with how you do your up-dos!
  7. We are all well aware of benefits of consuming walnuts. Are we aware of the soaked walnuts? or the benefits? Do that on google but make it a habit of soaking walnuts along with almonds and consume daily. Your skin, heart, hair and absolutely everything will thank you!
  8. I love absolute perfection when it comes to painting my nails. How do I do it? Apply nail paint and keep handy a DIY special remover. On the tip of your nail shaper place your nail remover pad so that the pointed part is covered with it and you can easily remove extra paint stuck on the sides of nails. it takes practice but is a clean savior. 
  9. A happy, young and fresh face is not just about what we eat and how happy we are. There's another good thing you can do to achieve it. Face Yoga!! Google it right now, learn it from YouTube videos, practice, notice and make it a habit. 
  10. I'm a big fan of Apple Cider Vinegar and here's another one for you to do the same. Soak your dead and dry hair in it for few minutes and rinse with cold water. It revitalizes your hair and also protects from further damage from chemicals we use on regular basis.
  11. Ran out of your Mascara? Here's a simple trick to fake big & lush lashes. Take some Vaseline on your Index finger and put between your lashes. Spread upwards and downwards and you'll how to play with it.
  12.  Need a super quick glow and that too without harsh chemicals? Apply a thin layer of honey on face and sprinkle some rose water over it. Let it stay for 20 mins and splash cold water to remove the layer. Pat dry and there you go!
  13. Favorite foundation but too cakey even with moisturizer? Here's a super awesome trick - Add just a small drop of coconut oil in foundation you're about to apply on face. You'll see a cake walk while blending. Just don't forget to use dry face powder to give matte finish in the end.
  14. Always have multiple shades of matte lip colors and one nude lip gloss in your collection. You have the matte look ready and multiple glossy looks just with one neutral gloss over any matte lipstick.
  15. Want beautiful and supple feet overnight? Apply Vaseline/ Foot cream thoroughly and put on an old pair of socks. look at the beauties in morning!
  16. Quick Fix for acne(zit) Overnight : 1/4 spoon of Cinnamon mix in 1 tsp of honey + few drops of rosewater. Wash it off in 20 minutes with lukewarm water or you can also let it be on overnight
  17. Can't stand sticky moisturizers? Yet want skin to be moisturized? Have a bottle of baby oil in washroom. Take some quantity after patting dry after shower and spread all over the body. The moist skin will require least amount of oil, help it spread easily and absorb required quantity quickly
  18. Dark Underarm Fix : All you need is a good quality, water based moisturizer. Rub some drags of it on your underarm and sleep; Take off the dirt using a rosewater cotton ball in morning. Repeat on intervals and see the difference. 
  19. Improve eye-sight in the fastest possible manner : Eye Yoga every day!
  20. Sleep with minimal clothes on will help improve your sleep quality, regulates growth hormones, is good for heart, bones and skin. 

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