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March 20, 2018

Welcome to the most exciting journey of Lifestyle, Fashion, Fitness, Travel, Food and Women related issues. 

Hazel Blink Lifestyle is not just a blog but a concept with candid and honest articles, Blink Tips (beauty and general tips), fitness motivation inspired by personal experiences, travel impressions, fashion updates and just about everything that will help you move out of your comfort zone yet making your life easier.
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Fun Facts about ME

  • I love all things spicy and salty. I don't have a sweet tooth.
  • I don't like Pinks and Reds. I like monochrome, metallic and shades of Blue.
  • I live on Heels and I find it hard to walk in flats/sneakers.  
  • I had no idea how Blogging works before I already had a Blog.
  • I've never taken any exam(CAT/MAT/GRE/NET/GMAT or any) after my IIT-JEE exam.
  • You'll always find a lip balm, tissue paper/cotton and earphones in my Handbag. 
  • I dislike Tea but love Coffee, fresh Juices & aerated drinks, 
  • You'll always find at least one crack on my phone's screen.
  • I prefer living on higher floors rather than ground floor.
  • Give me Rice in any form. I love Khichdi, Pulao, Biryani, Jeera Rice and every possible combination of it with others.
  • Jabong is my absolute go to website for Online shopping, though I've tried tons & tons of others.
  • I might not fast for whole of a year but You'll find me fasting on MahaShivRatri.
  • I love my Hands and I'm obsessed with cleaning them all day long.
  • I change Brands of my shampoo, body wash, conditioner, moisturizer, face wash almost every month.
  • I love to save as much as I love to shop.
  • I at least own 4 different type of lip balms at any point in time.
  • I don't like sharing my playlist.
  • I would rather sleep at 6 in morning than wake up.
  • For most of my life, I've been a soft drink addict.

More facts coming with Next Update!

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