A Herbal Hair pack for all your Hair problems : Cheveux Silk

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Though You've been actively watching my stories on Instagram; Here's something I personally wanted to share in detail on my blog that I knew most of my followers are in sheer need. Well, not just my readers, everyone out there must have faced Hair fall and other hair related issues at least once in their lifetime. Change in water, atmosphere, diet regime.. anything can lead to Hair loss & related problems and evidently, it's not easy to overcome them immediately. 

I've myself been a victim of Water change and stress that lead to immense hair fall in the last few months; and thanks to my never-ending Hair experiments that only worsened my situation. After changing multiple shampoo-conditioner pairs, I got to try a Herbal Hair pack that I had not many expectations from but turned out to be an ultimate savior. Cheveux Silk by AKB Herbals contains all herbal ingredients that help hair growth and also reduce hair fall in both male and female.

Usage: The pack includes powdered Fenugreek seeds, Amla and Musk root as well as other herbs leaving no worries of using chemicals on the scalp. The best part is...the Cheveux Silk pack is quite convenient to use and the user manual is provided inside the pack stating a stepwise process. In order to prepare the mixture, take some water  & mix the powder well in it 20 mins prior application and keep it for only 45 minutes after you've applied it; which is quite less as compared to the hair treatments we usually go for. Not to mention, much cheaper too!

Packaging:  The silver, clean and hassle free packing had my heart immediately had my heart. One set contains 4 packs and one can be split for two usages depending upon the length of your hair. 

Results:  I've been using chemicals, best of best shampoo brands and DIYs for more than a decade/ ever since I started hair experiments. But hair fall has been one big concern right from the day I shifted to Pune. Nothing seemed to be working good enough for 4 long years before I decided to try this herbal pack. In just 2 applications within a week, I could see the difference. Not just in the level of hair fall but also in the volume, dandruff, and dullness I had developed over time. 

Price: INR 399 FOR A SET of 4 packs.

Rating: 4.5/5 

Note: In case it makes your Hair a bit frizzy on use, which is unusual and also depends on how damaged your hair already is. You can replace hot water with Curd for the mixture and let it be for 20n minutes as said earlier. 

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