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May 30, 2018

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"You never really Travel alone, The world is full of FRIENDS waiting to get to know you" is something I read few years ago before I came across the revolutionary concept of Travel Dating. At first I was quite unsure of the term, as I had heard of 'Home stays', 'Hitchhiking' and more but never of something this cool. TRAVEL today is a concept and not just the conventional way of packing bags for a family trip to Shimla; It has a different meaning for each one of us. We have Solo Travelers, Travel Bloggers, Explorers etc. and none of them see travel in same manner. Similarly DATING on other hand has constantly seen evolved on different platforms in unconventional ways like Blind Dating, Online Dating etc. So here we are, to explore more on what XOXO Tours dating app has stored in for us with bringing TRAVEL AND DATING together.

  • Everything about XOXO Tours :-

A social networking web app that is designed to help you plan your Travel in the most efficient and fun way possible. You can simply have your profile ready on the app, find locals of the destination you're travelling to, manage your travel, all for FREE (upto 45 days *T&C). The platform can get you Locals/ Travel buddies with similar interests who can help you with sightseeing, explore their culture, outdoor-indoor activities, reduce language barrier OR may be just accompany you on a fine evening with a couple of beers.

Apparently a perfect platform that allows you plan your travel Solo with an option of going Social on the go, meet new people, make new friends and expand your network all together.

  • How to get Started :-

For all the Solo travelers, Travel bloggers, nomads or wanna be Travelers, this platform is no less than a boon but You would need to know how to use it right. Fill in correct and essential information about yourself is a good way to Start off. Undeniably NO one wants to travel with a stranger with divergent interests or taste! To find your Perfect Travel Date, all you need to do is be honest with yourself and on the platform too! Find screenshots below on how you can go ahead with creating a genuine profile :-

Enter your details as honestly as possible. This will save you from unpredictable troubles.


Get verified and move one to the next step where in you provide more details about yourself


Select all the preferred activities you would like to indulge as a travel buddy for someone visiting your city.

And the best part.. You can also charge for the services you have to offer or you can just leave it Blank if you are a volunteer. How cool is that? Enter all the details asked and a catchy "ABOUT ME" will surely  get you an interesting partner. Pay heed to it!


Select all the languages you know already and the KIND OF buddy you are looking for.


Once you are done adding all relevant details about what you can offer and what you expect from your Travel Buddy; You are good to go. Go ahead and find similar profiles and get chatty about your Trip.

  • Be Careful when you mix Travel and Dating :-

We've already learned about what 'Travel Dating' is and we've also known the perks but there's always another side of the coin. Not mentioning the cons of it and not sharing what needs to be taken care of shall not be justified. Lets' get down to everything that can get you trouble while Travel Dating :-

  1. Be Honest, Be yourself and Be the Best version of yourself :-  Simply understand that it's not an online dating concept; You are going to meet the person, spend time and most importantly travel with them. You cannot fake for longer by putting false information on the app and expecting your Travel Date to never really find it out.
  2. Be Smart enough or Go Home :- Over-Trusting will get you in trouble, ALWAYS! Keep your eyes, ears, gut instinct open and bank details close (You know what I mean). Share crisp and only essential details when it comes to personal matters.
  3. Avoid falling in Love :- The best option is trying not to fall in love or get too attached to your Travel buddy. If you're lucky enough to find a soulmate on the go, well, then YOU ARE!! But in general, You will only end up hurting yourself or the other one by getting overly attached.
  4. Plan well before in advance :- Be clear on how you want to travel; Have a chat with your buddy beforehand & learn more about your interests, budget, schedule and everything related to the common travel plan. You would not want to end up in a petty fight or argument while you are expecting a pleasurable trip.

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Hope I've got your next solo trip sorted ;)
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