Simple steps to Happier and Healthier ever After. (PART-1)

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I sure hope your First month of 2018 was sort of kick ass! Mine was a sort of mixed one though.
Here I present before my Online Family, The most awaited First part of  Physical, Mental and Overall fitness combined with Fashion Series. Here's to all those who are a sucker for healthy yet fancy Information. Aren't we all?

Starting off with the First step I ever took when I realized my almost lean body needs a bit of more attention than what I was already giving it. We all know how as we age, the metabolism goes down digestion takes more time and extra fat needs to burn down to keep the body real fit. I know ya'll agree on this! But I'm not holding onto just exercising here or just burning extra fat. This post has a wider scope to cover for everyone out there, who confine terms like 'Healthy', 'Fit' and 'Happy' in shallow sense. Let's get into details of How we need to change our outlook on A Healthier, Happier and Fitter Life. 

Tips on Healthier and Happier ever after with Hazel blink Lifestyle

The First & Easy Step : SKIPPING

I hated it when I was a child & I still hate it. Surprised? I know, I keep posting on IG about it's benefits but that doesn't assure I like it. Or I can mold it to say, I rather like it's results. If you're somewhat like me, you should start off with long walks/jogs; Increase your strength a bit before you take up skipping. OHKY! So did you know how Jumping rope doesn't just help you loose weight at much faster rate than any other exercise, But has TONS of other benefits you had no idea about? Lemme summarize why and how one should take on to this intense exercise :-

# Creates a whole body sync to get it right or you fall; With that It teaches your upper body & lower body to connect well with your brain, making 'neutral muscular adjustments' to keep your body balanced.
# On taking up this intense exercise, one can sure decrease risks related to diabetes, hypertension, cancer, depression, cardiovascular diseases etc.
# Jumping a rope has proven to be one of the best exercise for increasing your Bone density. Ladies, Listen UP!
# It's the cheapest and the fastest way of burning down fat. You can try, If you're tired of all trying out all other exercises. When I stated mine, I got to see results within 2 days.
# If you're short of time and can't take up multiple acts for different body parts. Skipping is for you. Right from brain, arms, shoulders, chest, lungs, thighs, abs, arms, wrist, hands, foot and almost each joint of your body is taken care of while you're jumping. It's like hitting multiple targets with one shot.
# It improves breathing power, stamina, heart health, power of lungs. And once your breathing capacity increases, It reduced risk of almost all cardiovascular diseases.

SECOND Step & Realization : Weight Training

Once in a Lifetime, almost each one of us has planned on going to gym regularly but couldn't keep up. Yeah? At least I've been there! Not that I've never been a part of it but I've never been consistent. If you could find me in Gym, You would just see me on Stair stepper or treadmill But never doing some weight training; The fear of doing it the wrong way, aching my back and even making muscles too bulky would cripple me anytime I thought of starting it. And then one fine day, I came across Beer Biceps TEDx talks and THAT, opened scope for me to learn about myths around the topic. And I didn't let just a Ted Talk bring a revolutionary change in me but I also read tons of personal experiences that helped me reach to a point where I was no more skeptical about taking up weight training. With all my research and experience, This is what I've found out :-


# The biggest myth of all times is that weight training on daily basis will make women bulky and make them look manly. This is what truth is : A regular & apt weight training will only shape you up coz weight training works differently on women & men as their hormones are different. Also, to get bulkier like bodybuilders, one needs to go out of the way, stick to strict diets and some of them also take dangerous steroids to get a body like that.
# Women are more likely to harm their tissues and muscles by lifting heavy. No! It's not generally the case, provided you start weight lifting under observation, sensibly deciding with what weight you should be starting off.


# A proper programmed lifting course can improve your Immune system. The workout done during lifting sessions directly stimulates Lymphatic system which in return helps remove toxins from body, keep infections & virus attacks at bay.
# Bone density is a serious topic when it comes to women; As we age, estrogen level drops and our bones become more prone to breakage/damage. Along with adequate intake of vitamins, iron, zinc, calcium and more; Taking up weight lifting has proved to strengthen muscles and bones reducing the risk of damage expected with age. All one needs to do is, start it under guidance.

Talking up weight Training in correct way helps increase bone density, increase strength, decrease chances of bone breakage and eliminates risk of many health diseases.

Third Step : Meditation/ Yoga/ Mental peace :

I won't be getting into details of how many yoga poses exist from which century and what techniques work best for meditation; We all are mostly aware of basic Info. But Honestly, I could never understand how people talk about that zero point in meditation. For me, something or the other keeps pop-ing up in mind when I try hard not to and just focus on my breathe.
But what I've learnt about mental peace relating with these two terms is what I'll be sharing here :-


# Yoga/Meditation is a form of act that connects body, mind and soul together or we can say it brings coordination between meditation, breathing & posture. 
# It not just increases body flexibility; It strengthens immune system, digestion, concentration, creativity, balance and most of all, self confidence. 
# Also, it exposes maximum amount of skin to air while you practice it, which opens up your clogged pores and let 'em breathe.
# Yoga/Meditation relieves anxiety, depression, stress, mood swings, anger, frustration etc. Basically, yoga if practiced regularly opens a positive outlook on life for you.


# I gave Yoga a try when I was tired of using all sorts of medication for my skin problem i.e. Acne. Also, I started to collect fat in parts of body I've never had before.
# I soon figured out how Yoga can help me with increasing my oxygen intake, regulate blood flow in my body, which in turn will sort my acne & digestion issue.
# I started with about 7 poses that I'm going to mention below and been doing them almost for 4 years now & I've had never felt this healthy ever before. When people could notice difference in my skin, they would ask me what is the treatment that I'm undertaking and the sole answer would be 'YOGA'. Introducing my favorite ones to you guys : Click HERE to watch the video and learn all 7 asanas in detail.
THE BEST : Meditation to be honest, doesn't come that naturally to me. My mind is a wanderer and sitting with intention of not thinking anything makes it think even more & I know many of you bear similar struggle. Guess what? I also joined 'Art Of Living' classes to learn tfhe same. Anyways, here's a TRICK I use! - Start walking or just sit idle (Eyes closed or open), put on your favorite music that calms you down ( It can be instrumental, vocal, spiritual etc), start taking deep breathe, let all your thoughts flow through mind and try just not responding to them in negative way or just stick to one. Keep doing it for around half an hour daily and You'll see how that brings in changes in you. Also, If you decide to walk and listen to music while you take deep breathes, walk to some grass which activates muscles in your legs, increases blood flow, rejuvenates eye nerve system, brings your calm back. Simple! If you are dedicating time to something, do it in the best way possible :)

Fourth and my Favorite : Self Time/Reading/Relaxing : 

Tee Hee! Here!! All focus on my favorite topic :)
Putting it up in the end so I can talk about it in  detail.
Let's talk about 'ME' time here which nobody talks about when it comes to fitness & health. Just pushing yourself to do physical activities alone cannot make your healthier or happier. It's the mental piece that plays the unseen role. You may have the best diet plan, perfect daily planner, strict exercise schedule and more but If you don't have a happy 'ME' time alone, all your efforts are incomplete.

Having a good 'ME' time needs to be explained in details. You might be single, in a relationship, housewife, working woman, divorced, a widower or just about anyone; no one's had it easy in life and we all have our own share of loads we carry in our heart n mind; making this practice even more important. I consider myself an 'Ambvert' which makes my life more fun but also tough at the same time. I party insane one day and the other day I just want to curl up in my blanket and barely talk. I need 'ME' time more often to let turbulence in my head settle down, plan ahead, have a good time, read something that boosts me up, enjoy a good movie or a good lunch when it's just ME with ME. 
I also understand that undertaking this practice seems hard for some people who absolutely can't do being alone, they just need to surrounded by people all the time. You cannot really categorize them under 'Extroverts' but such people too need to slow down a bit, spare some time alone and dig in their selves. 

'ME' time in my life was introduced while I was pursuing my engineering few years back. I'm picky when it comes to friends and there was a time, I had not many 'Real' ones as I must say. So I decided to go shopping all by myself, salon sessions, grocery trips, lunch dates, even movies all alone instead of sitting back waiting for a good company. Practicing being comfortable with own company did to me something that was commendable :

  1. I was not afraid of being alone, anymore.
  2. It boosted up my confidence. I was more comfortable with, without and around people.
  3.  It taught me how to face and even solve difficulties on my own, that usually freaked me out earlier. 
  4. I explored so many new things/places around that I kept ignoring.
  5. I was more into reading, documentaries, learning out new stuff, that lead to becoming self sufficient.
  6. I could plan my days ahead with more clarity. Also, I did execute them well too!
  7. I observed myself fussing less and more smiling.

Basically, your method of doing 'ME' time could be anything, depending on the kind of person you are. And It's not being selfish, consider it as more of a healing session. You can paint, listen to music, dance, go for job, watch a movie with favorite drink at home, go out alone for a date dressing well and much more, Once you find happiness and peace being yourselfYou've had it all, then!

I really hope the post brings out some essence of my 'Happily & Healthier ever after'
Thanks for stopping by and having a good read :)

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Love To all!
Till next post.
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