Uncommon yet Important Health related terms that are often ignored (PART-1)

Welcome back Fam! Warm hugs and special wishes to each one of you on the beginning of a new year. Again I’m a bit late on posting stuff on blog; NY hangover lasted for a while this time ;) 

Although I'm grown up enough to understand nothing changes overnight and new year starts with just another day but I still carry hope in heart for more learning, better life, healthier self and enormous love coming with a new start. So while I struggling to figure out next topic for blog; I came up with idea of doing something that would help you guys have a healthy start. Something that's essentially a part of lifestyle but is often ignored, assuming it's not important or too geeky to get into, which is obviously wrong on our part and only adds on to our ignorance that costs us later. With the same thought, today I’m briefing down some of the very important yet uncommon Health related terms that usually are not acknowledged .

Some Uncommon Health related terms we must know :- 

1. Free Radicals : If you don't know this terms and you're a skin care fanatic, you're missing out on something very important. AND No matter how fancy the name sounds, it's the most unfavorable thing for your skin. Basically, free radicals are produced by our body for some mechanism but they end up corrupting healthy cells. Especially when the quantity of free radicals goes higher than antioxidants in our body. 
They destroy the actual bonding of molecules and result in premature aging, fine lines, altering DNA and more. These are unstable molecules that have unpaired electron looking for other electrons to pair up with them (How Selfish, Though) and to achieve that they imbalance other cells by stealing electron from them. The process kicks off a chain reaction and thus leading to a whole new level of imbalance of cells that gradually becomes visible on outer surface. How to tackle with these lil monsters? Healthy Lifestyle and ANTIOXIDANTS is the answer.

what are free radicals and how do they effect our skin
How Free Radicals effect our body and skin.

2. Essential Oils : These oils can be used for our body through 3 main ways:-
  1. Applied on skin
  2. Inhaled
  3. Ingested 
Essential oils and their uses for body
Essential oils for body, skin and mental health
Since, they have so many health benefits; Let's learn How to get the best of this special breed. These are basically compounds extracted from plants and capture their natural scent, flavor and essence. They are made by the process called "Distillation" and "Cold Pressing". In short, when these oils are applied, infused or inhaled, they stimulate our senses and work as medical aid to our body depending on their healing properties. There are more than 90 types of essential oils that are known yet with special healing powers and health benefits. Some of the most common are : -

3. Antioxidants :  And we've already discussed about how Free Radicals are produced naturally by human body; Let's learn how Antioxidants counteract damage done by them. What antioxidants do is, they fight & neutralize free radicals by providing them extra electron to stabilize them. Hence, restricting destruction of healthy cells. The problem is, our body alone can't help with enough antioxidants produced by it, so boosting their intake from diet is essential. Different kind of antioxidants help different body parts in their own way; Skin diseases, Skin cancer; Immune system, Heart diseases, Mood disorders and more can be treated and made better by increasing intake of all types of antioxidants. Click HERE to read more about  Free Radicals and Antioxidants. 

4. PCOS/PCOD :  PCOS (Poly cystic ovary syndrome) and PCOD (Ploy cystic ovary disorder) is new age lifestyle disorder that's emerging faster than any other disease in women's life all over the world. Research is still on to get the actual reason of it's origin in body but genetic & environment factors are considered to be the major factors. PCOS/PCOD is a situation where 'Androgen' (male hormones) level in a woman's body goes way too high than the average. It's not a fatal disease but the symptoms are clearly horrible from perspective of a woman; they include irregular or no menstrual cycle, cystic acne, unwanted hair on body, heavy & long duration periods, difficulty getting pregnant, type-2 diabetes, thyroid, obese body, mood disorders and the most critical of all endometrial cancer 

Coming onto the important part.. THE CURE to this ugly disease. There's NONE! Yes, science hasn't yet found a straightforward or short term cure that could completely rectify the disease. Some prefer taking Birth Control pills to keep a control over hormones and androgen levels but that's not the safest option I consider as far as my research on the topic is concerned. The best treatment for the same is altering your lifestyle for best of your mental and physical health. Enter a stress free zone, avoiding  pollution, junk food and over eating. Regular exercise, yoga, mediation, clean eating and including green veggies in diet are proven methods of getting control over this syndrome and reducing the symptoms. Apart from just the symptoms, one must get an ultra sound done to get confirmation on existing ovarian cysts. Proper medical advice and consultation is important before starting with any treatment for the same. This could happen to any woman around us and we might be just ignoring all the symptoms considering them individual & small issues but it's time we focus on the bigger picture; which might be dangerous.

5. Swimmer Ear :  Also known as "otitis externa in medical terms is a condition that occurs when water gets trapped inside the ear, allowing bacteria and fungus to multiply in your ear canal. The main cause of swimmer ear is break in skin lining of outer ear or ear canal. The break in the skin might be because of excessive scratching, using unclean earbuds, use of hearing aids, headphones, certain chemicals and other skin problems. Symptoms involve :-
  • Pain
  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Problem in hearing clearly
  • Dizziness

The best one can do to avoid Swimmer Ear is to avoid excessive exposure of ear to water (use ear plugs while swimming), drying out ear immediately after swimming/shower with clean clothe, providing heat to control pain just in case. The infection must be provided immediate medical attention and once the procedure starts, it takes about a week to clear up.

AND This is it for this post! I had a total of 10 health related terms that I planned to cover in the post but for reading convenience I've split it up in two posts.and the next one shall be out in a week or two. Hope the post was an add-on to the existing Information you guys had :)

Wish you all a healthy and happy start to 2018
Till next post.
Hazel Blink

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