Magical yet affordable beauty products I swear by!

Most affordable cosmetic/makeup products one can own for Indian skin tone. 

I'll keep it short and crisp this time 'cause You already know why you're here and what am I expected to share in the blog post. I've had acne problem since my teenage and still get when I deviate from quality products, sideline my fitness routine or stress myself out for some reason. Apart from all the factors that effect our skin directly or indirectly, there's one obvious thing that hits us directly; I'm talking about beauty products that we use on the upper layer. This can prove to be a boon and a disaster at the same time. With this post I'm simply jotting down the best yet affordable products in each category, available in Indian stores and beauty websites. And with all these years of struggle & experience with trying out various products I've created a safe list, especially for sensitive skin.

Let's get started with the list beginning from the most essential to most desirable options. I'm only putting down the names, with links and a small description of special products in HBL's list:-

1. Face Wash - Choice varies from skin type and skin tolerance. I would suggest never go with what people suggest you; go on trying out as many you can and see what suits your skin best. Coming back to my favorites; The most favorable collection consists of-  Lakme Youth Infinity Skin Firming Serum 30 ml,Lakme Absolute Perfect radiance skin lightening facewash 50g,Lakme Clean Up Clear Pores Face Wash,100g, A few from ponds -Ponds Age Miracle Cell Regenerating Facial Foam, 100g, POND'S Pure White Deep Cleansing Face Wash, 50gm and recently I'm crushing over Kronokare - City Detox - Face Wash - 100 ml received once in my Fab bag. This one's a decent one, does not dry out completely yet cleanses the skin.

2. Face Toner - I've tried tons of them and none seemed to impress me until I received this in my FAB BAG - Kronokare - Flower Power - Face Toner - 100 ml. Ever since I've used it and seen results, there's no going back to trying others. You'll love it on your skin, the freshness it gives is unmatched, it's lightweight and won't let you feel something sitting on your skin. GO FOR IT!

3. Face cream/ Moisturizer - Again we're talking about a product one can never get enough of. I have a combination to oily skin and that makes it even more difficult to find the best option. I'll tell you products that are worth a try but again it's all about trying and exploring what your skin loves. My Favorites have been - Lotus Herbals Skin Whitening & Brightening Gel Creme SPF 25 - Whiteglow 18 g, Lotus Herbals Xpress Glow 10 in 1 Daily Beauty Creme Royal Pearl x1 30 g, Olay Natural White Light Instant Glowing Fairness, 40gm, Revlon Touch and Glow Advanced Fairness Cream (75g), Garnier Light Complete White Speed Fairness Serum Cream, 40g.
And the latest collection from Himalaya Youth Eternity Series : -

4. Sunscreen - I clearly hate sticky and greasy sunscreens but one can't skip them. So finding a good one is equally important. Here's what I prefer, sunscreens that are lightweight and chi-chip free - Lakme Sun Expert SPF 50 PA Fairness UV Sunscreen Lotion 50 ml but my all time favorite is the sandalwood one from VLCC and is also very budget friendly -

5. Primer - This is the latest addition in my cosmetic pouch. A good primer is hard to find but once you've had hands on the right one; your makeup look will only get better. It minimizes visible open pores and gives a perfect base for foundation to spread on. I'm currently using -

But reviews for - Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect, Makeup Primer, 30 g are also excellent.

6. Concealer -  You can skip this one if you're blessed with a flawless skin; No eye bags, dark circles, blemishes or acne spots. Are you? Well, I've tried many and stating the good ones that are also budget friendly - L.A girl's HD pro concealer is my all time favorite and has enough shades to choose according to your skin tone (That's the toughest part). Oriflame has recently come up with it's range of concealers which is again, Impressive!! There are many options from Lakme, Maybelline and Colorbar but if we're talking about cost effective ones, you must go with the shown below :-

7. Foundation/ Mousse - I started with the the very common Lakme foundation in my teenage and soon realized that oil based foundations are a BIG NO for my skin. I tried, tried and went wrong most of the times! I wanted something that is not greasy, water base, covers up my acne marks and yet gives a matte look. and as you can guess, I have found my products! The first one that that's very pocket friendly and is always in my collection is -  Lakme Absolute Skin Natural Mousse  and the other one is an HD foundation, that's recently the talk of the beauty world - PAC  HD liquid foundation, comes with tons of shades to match your skin perfectly. For an HD foundation with the kind of coverage it provides, the rate is completely justified.

8. Blush - Coming to my favorite part, I'm not particularly a blush, contouring and highlighter lover. And if someday, somewhere in a party or event you find my cheeks glowing, that would be my favorite LIP BALM and for that You already have a post on Hazel Blink Lifestyle - Best Tinted Lip Balms under 300 
Yet I keep my favorite blush handy along with my lip balm collection :-

9. Compact - No time for touch up? It saves you! Need a matte finish? I will take care! Oily skin in summer? It's got you covered! My favorites are -

11. Eye shadow - This pick depends on the kind of person you are! Sporty, Outgoing, Party lover or a always late ;) Shadows come in extensive variety that you cannot easily decide on what shade and which brand to buy. I'll help you with some! All the three that I've mentioned are good quality yet very affordable; Also consist of all pretty shades right from neutrals to shimmers. Here they are :-

12. Eye liner - I admit not using liquid eye liners anymore, instead I've been going crazy over pen eye liners. Here stating some with good reviews and lasting quality : -

13. Kajal - I keep on trying Kohl from various brands like you all do! The darker the black is, the better the Kohl is for me.. and it HAS to be smug-free ( Isn't that the condition we all have? ) Here's stating the most cost effective and smug free one; my favorite of all time : -

14. Bath Scrub - You can always have a DIY scrub ready at home but trying out some of those available in market won't burn a hole in your pocket. More than any other product, I keep switching between body scrubs 'cause I absolutely love 'em. Mentioning all those you can use as body as well as face scrub : -

15. Facepack - I strongly believe in home made DIYs but I swear by some of them available in market and I never let them go out of stock; especially the ones that work well for oily skin : -

16. Eye brow pencil -  I usually use the brown/dull black shade from my shadows to do my brows or take some from the tip of my kajal in case of unavailability of this product. And the facts is... it only gets better if your brows are tamed and done well, so better have a reasonable brow pencil in your collection, ALWAYS! Here are few - 

Let me make it very clear that the post was a to-the-point Info-post and was intended to be that. If I go on explaining why a particular product made it to the list, I would have to divide it in two series. The best I could do is list down the best options that fall under very affordable range, especially for beginners. What more I can promise is... series of detailed posts on individual products on IG, like I usually do. Cheers!

Hope this helped out in some way! Comment down in case or queries or just drop in a message on Instagram.

Till next Post
Hazel Blink

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