How to be more than OKAY when life turns Upside Down

Hello HBL fam!

For the very first time since I started blogging, I don't know what to write and how to start. Life has never been easy for any of us and we all have days where getting out of bed seems to be the toughest task of the day. Also there are days when we've self made plans and we end up ditching them ourselves; You've done that too right? I know!

A heartbreak, clashes with colleagues, family issues, broken friendships and the list goes on... There's no end to man made calamities! Dealing with all of it that life throws at us makes us stronger but at the same time also makes us distant to others; Friends, family and even our spouse; gradually we develop our own ways to sustain and get through dark days, with or without any help of others. When it comes to me, I tend to completely isolate myself in suffering and hardly prefer any discussions but then, dismantling self is not an option for me. It's my basic nature to fight the odds, feel better and pick up the pieces, no matter how tough it comes across. It's never easy though and the magnitude differs each time but the self learning only gets better this way. Here jotting down all that I do to make myself feel more than OKAY, when the sinking feel invades. You sure can try some of these or may be all of them.

Each one of them works for me, depending on the ongoing situation. You can blend them with your personal techniques and use them accordingly because sitting back and crying helps no one :) There we go :-

1. DRINK AND EAT - The hardest move to make in any hard situation is to push yourself to kitchen and grab something to eat. No one in world knows when you're hungry or thirsty unless you're fortunate enough to have that someone in life who knows you better than you do. Get up! Eat good and drink as much as water you can, 'cause that will make every bad situation feel less worse. THIS SHOULD BE YOUR STEP ONE!

2. LONG SHOWERS - Hot or cold, just be there. Relax, stay in touch with water, embrace silence and calm yourself down.

3. RELEASE NEGATIVE ENERGY - Anyone who's a lone ranger like me especially during bad times, really ends up with no one to vent out on. You're angry, frustrated, disheartened but you don't wanna end up being a burden on someone by constantly ranting about what went wrong. But there's always a need to release that energy that's killing you on inside. Here's something you should be doing - EXERCISE! or A LONG RUN! 

4. TREAT YOURSELF BETTER - This might differ for introverts and extroverts but here's a deal; If you treat yourself exactly how you want others to, it only makes you feel better. Instead of depending on a friend/lover, Do it all by yourself !! Dress your best, go out on a solo date or you can just make yourself a special supper and add on your very favorite drink with it. The drink of your choice, a glass of wine or a lemonade; whatever makes you happy! Watch the latest movie or a web series snuggling up with your blanket. Find your happiness; you can handle the rest.

5. A SPECIAL PLAYLIST - It's funny how music is the only constant in our lives. So why not make it a constant healer during bad times too! Simply have a playlist handy and guess what!! Not with the resentful music as expected but with all of your favorites that pump you up! Again a hard thing to accept but trust me, it does work!

6. GET HELP - Talk to a stranger! Get in touch with someone who can guide and not judge; someone you can tell your bad too! Probably to someone you have no common acquaintances with. There's nothing bad in getting help when you want it real bad.

7. THINK OF YOUR BEST DAYS - We exactly know what kinda thoughts at a point revolve around us; the positives or the negatives. The worst we do to ourselves in a wrong situation is think of even worse that can happen. If you already know about the Law of Attraction, you know what I'm talking about. The only instant solution to making yourself feel better is to bring back yourself and intentionally get into thinking of the best times you've lived. If possible, have a 'Treasure Box' of your own, that's filled with memories, letters, awards and scrapbooks; anything from past that makes you utterly and insanely happy. Now, you know WHY!

8. WRITE IT DOWN - Take a paper n pen or just open your notepad. Start writing/typing anything that comes to your mind, make sure even if you jot down your pain in words, shape it in a gentle way. Put your creative side to work and see how it eases you down.

9. GET ENOUGH SLEEP - Sleep enough but don't make it your escape. Eat fruits no matter how much you hate 'em, your body needs fiber more than anything to get your body functioning properly when it's stressed out. Ohkay! Sangria will help too ;)

10. TALK TO YOURSELF IN MIRROR - I'm sure so many people already do that. I talk to myself on good days too, call me crazy but does that matter? I talk to myself everyday, while cooking, in washroom, during office hours and more. Basically! It gives you a clearer picture of who you are, what you want, what you can do and there's nothing better than discussing shit with yourself, being true to yourself and helping yourself out in a way no body else can. If you haven't done it before, I'll be surprised to know!

AND.....never forget to smile for no reason :)

Hope the article helps in someway or the other, comment down anything that you have in mind.

Till next post..
Hazel Blink

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