How to never miss out Travel essentials while packing

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I've not been writing much lately and You'all must have noticed. I'll take a moment to apologize for keeping a heap of posts in draft folder and taking like forever to publish. But here's a deal... Engaging stuff is coming up on the blog :D So, Stay tuned!

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Here's a list from Hazel Blink Lifestyle that will make your packing super efficient

Coming back to this post; Here's something about me! Every time I plan on writing a post, I get into this thought of... "Am I writing something useful? or will it add enough value to HBL family?" And to convince myself for this one was NO big deal. Blame it on to busy lifestyle or laid back attitude that we all have developed but the fact is...We majorly suck at packing for any sort of travel & no matter how many times we've done it before, each time it gets even more monotonous. Having said that, I've found out a super efficient way with all my packing & unpacking experience, also penning it down for you guys. Today with this platform I promise you the safest of the future packing sessions at the end of this article. I've almost 10 years of solo packing experience so you can blindly count on me :)

I have a simple rule for efficient packing & I name it - "Start to End".
Here's how it goes... Start assembling everything that you would possibly need from waking up on a holiday to wrapping up your day with a dinner date or clubbing.

My list of  "START TO END" consists of :-

1. Toothpaste/ Brush - You forget it most of the times and possibly you'll forget it the next time too.

2. Undergarments - And really!! People do forget the most fundamental of their daily routine. And soon you find yourself shopping for new lingerie and inner wear instead of kick starting your vacation.

3. All things girly - Here, Jot 'em all down! This one's more specific to ladies and is a critical one. Sanitary napkins (Just in case of emergency), safety pins, a Razor/ veet strips/tweezer/small scissor (Do I need to explain Why?), a pouch mirror, room freshener, lip balm, hair clips and a pepper spray. Just be sure you already have them in your bag even before you start packing.
Hazel Blink Lifestyle : List for Travel essentials
4. ID cards - Believe it or not, I've seen people cursing themselves while on their excursion for leaving behind their most important documents; Including passport, PAN and other id proofs. Here's a trick, always have soft copies of all required docs in your mailbox. Just in case, you know you'll forget hard copies anyway like every time. Also, have a pen in your pocket, ALWAYS!

5. Power bank - Cellphone lovers are least likely to miss out on the gadget but It's definitely a must in your checklist; especially for solo travelers.

6. Camera and Chargers - What's a vacation without pictures on return? A Waste! So make a safe space already. Preferably in your backpack, so it's always convenient to carry and use frequently.
Hazel Blink Lifestyle
Documents and Id proofs being travel essentials are usually left behind 

7. Slip Ons - This might not make it to most of the lists you guys make but for ladies this one's a must. At some point or the other while you travel, you'll need them. Get the safest and the comfiest one along, ALWAYS!

8. Headphones - Dear solo travelers/ bloggers/ hitchhikers, would you afford leaving your headphones behind? In fact, keep an extra pair handy.

9. Hygiene essentials - You're bound to need them throughout your travel. Sanitizer, wet/ dry tissue, a paper soap and a hand towel. So make some room in your travel handbag already.

10. Essential Medicines & First Aid - Remember how all Dads out there had an exclusive pouch for essential medicines and first aid stuff? Here's a reminder!

11. Extra poly bags/ Handbag - This one's my personal favorite! You definitely would not want to pack your soiled clothes with the remaining ones. Next time you plan a beach vacation, pack around 10 sheets beforehand. You'll thank me later!

12. Think of something you just can't do without - This can be anything!! Just about anything you can't do without; It might be an inhaler, a medicine, favorite deodorant, a lucky charm, a neck pillow or anything you absolutely have to have while travelling.

There's no way you can miss out on anything (irreplaceable) on your next vacation; Just make sure you have your HBL customized checklist in hand before you start off.

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