25 promising apps every Indian must have in phone apart from the usual ones

Our not so productive yet busy schedules have made online services an absolute must in our routines. From being a compulsive street shopper to becoming a serious online shopping bug; I prefer someone dropping by and hand me over cosmetics/dresses/glossary and all that I need 'cause I find it absolutely boring to go out and grab myself. And coming over to salon services; It has never been this easier ever before. All credits to technology, architects, developers and businesses minds! (Developers deserve special thanks, as I know the pain of being One!)
Having said that, I've come up with this idea of formulating a list that states apps that I love to have in my phone and their benefits.

List of 25 free apps available in India that you must have in your phone (Android and iPhone) :

1. Tez - How about receiving and sending money directly to & from bank accounts? No intermediate apps, transactions and authorizations? Sounds great right? This new age digital app by google has to be in your phone for hassle free transactions. Just register your bank account and the phone no associated with it and you're almost done! It's that easy!
Cherry on top, They send out scratch cards on weekly basis on your payment to Tez users and has referrals like all other apps. This is soon replacing many apps in our phones!

2. Whatpad - It's a good read for 18+ for sure. You get to read and write a lot of fiction and non fiction content depending on one's interest. Budding writers use this platform as the main source of exploring their writing and imagination skills. I've found some good reads in few months and is surely a must in my collection.

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3. Eatigo - This one allows you quick browsing and reserving facility when it comes to fine dining in your city. Rates, Rating, booking, discounts all on one platform; choose all that fits into your requirement, make a booking and show up to the restaurant; Show them the booking code and dine fine :)

4. Little - This one's my absolute favorite of all times! Does it's job more like Eatigo app but for absolutely everything you can think of. With little app you get unexceptional offers on salon services, spas, restaurants, activities, hotel bookings and almost everything. Cashback and offers are more frequent than any other app that offers same services. Recently they have shut down their 24*7 customer helpline support, which is not very pleasing.

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5. Splitwise - Though it is common now-a-days but people still hesitate to use it fearing technical glitches in app. But will all the experience I have, I can say it does it's job very clean and settles down complicated accounts within seconds and saves a lot of effort/time of that one person in any group, who does it most of the times. Oh! You relate with it now.
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6.  Shazam - We're all too lazy to note down a random track we are crushing over, in a random place and most of the times lyrics aren't very clear to grasp. This app saves you from the struggle that you go through googling random words just to find out that particular track. Just a tap, seconds of recording and it tells you everything there n then, about the track playing in background. Most of us should already be using it but many of us are still unaware of the app!

7. Google Photos -  It's basically lesser irritating version of iCloud where we don't have worry about space related issue all time. It's much more easier, organised and faster way of accessing and storing pictures online. And it's a google product so trust factor is strong enough.

8. Haptik - Need someone to wake you up at 6? Haprik does it for you! Need someone to pick up a courier from your place? They'll get it done! Have real time queries that just dial might not be able to serve? Haptik does it all for you! You just need to start typing and have a real time chat with their executives, discuss and get things done!

9. VSCO - Time to discard your teenage editing apps and start editing with some real deal. If you've had enough of Snapseed as well, this is what your next Target should be!

10. Amazon Now - It's time to get over Grofers and Big Basket already. The most trusted site of all times has come up with their own glossary app and you shouldn't wait to explore. They have all possible slot timings and no minimum order policy as of now. The app is bit slow and better versions are coming in near future. So here's one more adding in list.

11. Inpix - The new age magazine it is! What's better than learning with fun? Facts, Updates, news, scores and lots more in the most visual way makes Inpix a must in our list.

12. Jugnoo - Ask a regular metro city traveler who's tired of cancelled bookings and exponentially increasing rates. Ola and uber apps have already made room in our phones but we have another one coming with cab services. Jugnoo has done justice with online rikshaw, food and grocery services and is ready to take the next step. It's already in working in and around Gurugram and we can't wait for it's roots to reach us.

13. All India Code Finder -  Again a not so common app in our daily lives but this one surely can make things easier. PIN codes, IFSC codes, Railway stations, STD/ISD codes, ATMs, post office information is all a part of this app. Imagine the kind of vast knowledge structure it provides and also works offline. Need more reasons to download it?

14. Fab bag - Ladies! If you're still unaware, here's the news! They have an app for Fab bag too! Nykaa, Purplle and many other have been doing justice to online beauty world but a little twist never hurts. Fab bag with its subscription bags and variety of products is making a cut to HBL's special list. I'm a fan for sure and I love my monthly subscription bags. Guys, Take Hint! Surprise your beautiful loves ones!

15. My Safetipin - Real time alerts, alternate route options, safety measures, tracking of an unsafe route, all of it and more is available with this one app. Get this one in your phone 'cause we have all the reasons already.

16. DoneThing - This app acts as your personal assistant. Imagine if you can delegate daily tasks to someone assuring they would get it done for you; almost all the outdoor tasks you can think of! The addictive property of this app makes it a part of our very essential app list and with this we can surely skip trivial tasks and get hands on the important ones!

18. Bloglovin - If you're a crazy reader and love to read a variety of blogs with fancy UI? Download it NOW!

19. NoBroker - It has already made a special place in market with its no brokerage policy. Now you can say goodbye to the conventional methods where you pay double the amount you should be paying for your new place :)

20. Google Assistant - Just like DoneThing app takes care of your outdoor tasks, this one assists you with all possible tasks you can do with your phone. Just with commands to the app, you can set reminders, take a selfie, call someone, check mails etc. Just like that! A better version of siri may be?

21. Urban Ladder - Buying furniture and home decor items online is just getting easier with apps like these. While the competition between PepperFry and UrbanLadder still continues, this app makes a way to our list for it's better cancellation policy. Though reviews have been kinda mixed for both the services; Urban Ladder is still considered as a better option.

22. Flo period and Ovulation tracker -  Artificial Intelligence would come up to this, no one had any idea. Ladies, if you aren't using this app already, You're doing it all wrong. This one comes with all the structuring and managing your menstrual cycle and everything about it. You can easily keep track of your menstrual health, symptoms, moods and ovulation. Make your worst time a little better with a bit of extra help.

23. Duolingo - Probably the easiest and most fun app I've ever come across of it's type. If you're into learning multiple languages or travel overseas frequently; This is definitely for you!

24. VirtuaGym fitness - This might not fit for the fitness freak who loves gym, personal instructor and weight lifting. This app is for people who love the idea of it but can hardly implement it. With this unique app you get your personal 3D animated trainer who'll be there to guide you at each step while you do it at home. Definitely a promising app if one decides to be regular of course! 

25. AirBnB - The new favorite!! Leaving behind Oyo rooms and conventional options we had back then. Download and know for yourself all the reasons to love this app!!!

Love To all!
Till next post.
Hazel Blink
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