Remember those nights from 90s when electricity would suddenly disappear while having supper with family and there were no generator/ invertor to our convenience, so the bites had to be taken with utmost approximation until someone would light a candle?

At least I remember the uncomfortable feel that brought but I would somehow always manage to get the bite straight into my mouth. Probably, other senses got the the job done!! 

Ever wondered how it would be for a visually impaired person, going through the same struggle for every second of his life? On top of that, they get most of the jobs done themselves but HOW? Let's take a dig into their lives with a new concept that will blow your mind! 

The Black World India, Pune concept and Experience

The Black world India, Pune, Hinjewadi is a terrific concept introduced recently to offer us an insight into a lifestyle where our senses work intensively without the eyesight in function. 

They are the 1st Indian Theme based Pure vegetarian Restaurant with this kind of theme. Imagine yourself dining at a place in complete darkness; Yes! Complete darkness!! Food served by highly trained visually impaired organizer, right from getting you seated in the black dark room to escorting you back to the main door. They've got it all sorted.

Concept of The Black World India, Pune, Maharashtra

Still wondering why did I choose to write about it? This piece is all about sharing my personal experience on how wonderful I found concept, fairness and future plans @The Black World India, Pune, Maharashtra. 

Fortunately, I was one day going through some new deals on Little App and that's when I encountered this weird deal from TBW. I was quite intrigued on reading about the concept; I just had to know more as I failed to digest on how can a restaurant plan a theme with complete darkness! I quickly dialed the available number to know about slot timings and made a booking. I was asked to visit 15 mins before my slot starts that got me even more thrilled.

The Black worl India, Pune, meal options

I could not contain excitement and I reached the destination before my slot and was impressed with the simplicity of the architecture of place. The pictures will speak for themselves!! 
I was welcomed warmly and the owner Mr. Ravikant himself got me started with the introduction of the whole new concept. With a brief introduction he introduced me to his staff members who were visually impaired but had a strong sense of their surroundings and their work. They were highly trained as I observed their conduct.

The Black World India, Pune, Meal options
Upon learning that I would have to dine in utter darkness with no watch, cell phone or any source of light, I was bewildered as I could not decide whether I would be comfortable doing so. It almost took me half an hour to finally gather some guts to try it out and decided to walk into the dark room keeping all my essentials in a locker provided by them. 

As I entered the dark room along with the professional (visually impaired), holding the locker key in hand, taking baby steps, all nervous. I was taken to a semi dark room that had a door opening to another room. There I stood listening to all the instructions I needed to follow while I was in the dark room, I was then requested to put my right hand on the professionals shoulder as I enter where it was sheer darkness. As I walked through the room, I heard people murmuring with light music in background; taking small steps and sensing my surroundings I reached my table for two. I felt the table, sat and was told about further process of how the food will be served and what I need to take care of.

Within 5 minutes, Hot meal was served by the same person, along with a water bottle. My brain, hands and hearing ability were active more than ever! And to my surprise, It was all sorted in few minutes. It wasn't tough or scary to figure out where everything was placed. Just a basic touch and feel demo got it all straight. It was there for 30-45 minutes and I wrapped up my lunch which was undoubtedly delicious.

Receiving Wax candles made by visually impaired and coupons as a gesture from BTW

I was even offered a wet tissue & sanitizer upon completion and was made to put hand on a shoulder again. Walking straight to the door leading to the same semi-dark room and How I finally realized it's significance!! I was told to gradually open my eyes and rub a bit before I expose them to intense light outside. I sincerely followed the instructions and was back to the counter in 2-3 minutes. 

I absolutely loved the hospitality, concept, professionalism and how to plan to expand the noble cause. That very day I decided to blog my whole experience :).
They're even coming up with an occasional Live band concept by visually impaired that would replace background music. Isn't that something out of the box and exciting at the same time?!? I can't wait to visit the place again and experience something altogether new.

A 💯 from Hazel Blink Lifestyle and all the respect to the contributors. You should definitely be visiting this place at least once  and you won't be disappointed ☺️

Reach them on Facebook - THE BLACK WORLD INDIA

Do comment down in case you still have questions on the concept. I shall answer the best possible!

See you on the next post, Love!
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