Magic of Olive oil (Olive oil Benefits for hair, nail, skin, heart and overall health)

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Since we've known the goodness of Coconut Oil since our childhood, for its benefits as an edible oil, for skin, hair, health etc. There's another beauty we're going to talk about today is - Olive Oil.
There's quite a possibility that many of you are already a fan of the multipurpose Oil , I'm here to elaborate why this one should be a constant in your beauty regime and It has to be! I've been using olive oil for my hair, skin and also as a substitute of cooking oil; Trust me, I've noticed visible and wonderful results.

1. Ingredients - The oil is rich in anti oxidants and mono saturated fats that makes it an excellent anti aging curator for skin, best hydrating oil for Hair and also benefits insulin levels, blood sugar etc. It is also loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins that help our body in certain ways. The monounsaturated fatty acid (MOFA) are the healthy dietary fat, reducing risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure, cholesterol and stroke. Can we ask for more? Not just health benefits, We have a long list down here.

2. Hair growth - As already mentioned, being an excellent source of anti oxidants and hydrating quality, messaging it in your scalp will help increase the blood flow , making your strands soft & strong. It also helps in curing split ends and dead hair, just apply at the ends too.
HOW I USE IT?  - I usually take about a teaspoon of olive oil and heat it till it is mildly warm; rub it across my scalp and cover up my head with a damp towel. Leave it for 20 minutes and remove the towel.

3. Skin Care - Itching, Inflammation, redness, irritation or irregular surface. Name it and the oil has a solution to it. Just with a small quantity applied on the effected surface, it immediately starts its work on healing. The antibacterial and anti fungal properties help in extra ordinary ways by moisturizing and toning up the skin to bring it back to normal.

4. Cure for Dandruff - Here's another common issue we keep facing irrespective of weather and season. Dandruff is a mainly caused by a sort of fungus and the oil with it's anti fungal properties helps in healing and reducing flakes that cause dandruff.

5. Lip Care - This is my personal favorite. Especially in winters when dry & chapped lips are a common problem to deal with. Never forget to apply some on lips before bed time and see the magic it does on them, just in few days.

6. Ah! The Foot Care - Dry and cracked heels are not a good sight and definitely not comfortable to walk with.Go easy on your expensive foot massage cream and try Olive oil for some nights ? Rub few drops all over the dry feet and put your cotton socks on before bedtime and let your feet wake up fresh & softer in morning.

7. Nail Love - Did you know how it benefits even your nails? Well! The oil is quite rich in Vitamin E, penetrates deep in your skin and nails to nourish them will all they require. Pamper those pale nails, promote their growth, the shine that was taken away by harmful chemicals and nail paints, definitely need a dose of warn olive oil before bedtime.

NOTE : Have a good understanding of different kinds of olive oils. The ones used for cooking and the others that are good for skin & hair.
They are available in different sorts of packing -
- Metal
- Plastic
- Glass

The better quality olive oil will be found in glass or metal packing. The more olive oil is protected to be exposed to sunlight, the better the quality stays. Always prefer to use Extra Virgin Oil as it contains more of natural minerals and vitamins, also It is the highest quality of its type available in market. Hence, the prices are also a bit high. The best one I've used till date is mentioned below. You can hit the image and buy directly on Stop looking for

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With Olive oil you'll never have to worry about the side effects from chemicals and artificial ingredients as it hardly contains any. Just be very sure of the Brand you choose. Make it a habit of using it on regular basis and you'll never be disappointed with the results.

Hope the information helps and you're already planning to rush to store for a bottle of Extra virgin Olive oil. Just in case, this has helped you with any of your query, comment bellow :)
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