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"Depression" - A heavy & scary word that people often google about. Not that they don't know what depression is, but they wanna know how to deal with this alarming disease. Well!! "disease" is the word they use even before they google about it. 

Let me make a disclaimer here; I'm not a therapist or a psychiatrist with skilled knowledge of cure for depression.

Am I suffering from depression
How Depression looks like the end of everything.
I'm just another person who loves to read, who is always curious about facts & findings, eager to learn more about things I've encountered in life. Writing about depression is a hard decision you can make, especially when you're no where related to medical field. Doing such daring act might get you in trouble, I mean literally!! Not that it's an offensive topic to write on but is definitely offensive to be a depression patient. At least our society functions that way! It hardly matters if you only blog about it or talk about it, if it's about depression; You are tagged with this "disease" for a lifetime.

I've been a wild child, moody in general and touchy since my childhood but always articulate and open about various topics that looked eye catching to me. Need not mention how our lives are full of ups & downs, success and failures, learning & teaching; mine too was troublesome. Many a times, I felt myself hanging between a happy day and a sad night. Was I just being moody? or may be a lone ranger not knowing the wrong she was doing to her life. 

Juggling my life between between a happy face and a teary heart, I started googling on what was wrong with me. Obviously I had a clue on what depression is but had no relevant knowledge about it.

With a high pulse rate, I googled - "What is depression" and it said - "feelings of severe despondency and dejection.

 I wasn't quite satisfied with the brief answer as I had no such dejection feeling overruling at that time so I decided to google more about it.

With my utter innocence, I googled something I'm thankful for - "Is depression a mental illness or disease?" and it said - "These things are called disorders, not diseases, for a reason. A disorder simply means something that is out of the ordinary, which depression and other mental disorders are. They are more specifically a cluster of symptoms that research has shown to correlate highly with a specific emotional state."

Well that's funny to mention but I was overjoyed to know that Depression is a not a disease. Well! I did more google searches and was insanely after comparing symptoms of depression and how I felt those days. Admit it, we all have done the same, in some bad phase of our lives, falling for our believes that we're depressed. After doing it all, the good part I figured out was... I wasn't depressed. The bad part I discovered was the wrong I kept doing to myself. And the bad part was... The way I was leading my life.

Sleeping at 2 in night and waking up at 12; Skipping my breakfast coz sometimes lazy and sometimes I didn't like it; taking sarcasm straight to my heart; dealing with heart breaks in a coward manner; always drooling over junk and never focusing on broccoli; loving my bed enough & never having the courage to hit the gym!!! I did it all in the name of keeping myself happy.

Little did I knew that anything and everything I was doing to myself was only destroying my health. It wasn't depression that was taking over but my habits & stubbornness, that was hampering my normal functioning of hormones, lymphatic system and brain. I won't get into medical terms and facts as we have google baba for everything we need to know but I'll explain what my experience says here.

The experience says... A certain way of fighting depression is to love the hardships of life, learn to fight them with all you can, leaving behind everything you have no control over. 

If you stop eating over a heartbreak you've just gone through, that will only worsen up your situation. There's something I've tried my own and has worked for me! Get up, take a shower, dress up in you best track suit, go for a jog, take a shower again, dress like a queen, go out with friends or alone and dine Fine!! 
Learn that nothing bad has actually happen to you if don't let it effect you. Just in case you adapt to this theory; You'll easily learn that depression is something we all can fight, just with altering the way we perceive and act on situations.

I do understand that some cases leave you broken so bad that it's hard to gather yourself together and even with every possible effort you fail to get back to normal. Dealing with such cases must bring you to get in touch with your parents, any trusted friend or your spouse. Just in case you ain't comfortable talking to people around you, walk down to professionals alone for help. Trust me, suicidal thoughts will only take you to dead road and destroy everything you had built up all these years. A bit of courage to seek help can teach you that nothing's too bad about life. It's all a game of ups n downs and never giving up!

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