Best Tinted Lip Balms (Under 300)

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Lip care is not about experimenting with lip balms available in market but more than just that. Protecting, scrubbing and keeping them hydrated are preferred tasks when talking about the topic. I assume you've already gone through our ALL ABOUT LIPS article and have know easiest of the lip care tricks we've mentioned. If not, you must have a look!

Best lip balms for pigmented lips in india
HBL presents a list of Best tinted lip balms all under 300

Let'd get straight to the list of best lip balms available in market under 300. These are my personal favorites, tested and tried over time. But here's a disclaimer, Always make sure to buy lip balms from trusted stores to avoid fake products attack your lips.

List of Best tinted lip balms all under 300 with links to buy - 

1. VLCC lovabie Lips (Strawberry) : This one's my constant! Easy to swipe, perfect fragrance and the pink tint is something you can swear by. No matter how many lip balms I try, this has to be there in my collection.
 BUY  - HERE (Only for INR 125)

2. Lotus HERBAL (VELVETY ROSE) : This one's the old school love, for people who like it tinted yet nude look on lips, along with an added advantage of SPF15 to protect your lips against harmful sun rays. This is definitely what you're looking for.

3. AVON naturals lip balm (Strawberry) : My teenage friend! Its fragrance and taste is a nostalgic feel, pure and heavenly. The tint is absolute lush, you'll fall in love :) Here is the best deal for you (Pack of 3) BUY HERE (Only for INR 199)

4. Maybelline New York Baby Lips Candy WOW (Raspberry) : Who doesn't love candy flavor on lips; A balm substituting lip color and nourishing at the same time. This one's a Must try!!
BUY-  HERE (Only for INR 265)

5. Nivea fruity shine lip balm : This has been my favorite for years, just another lip balm but worth the price. I've used the cherry & strawberry flavor and they're decent enough for regular use.
BUY - HERE (Only for INR 185)

6. Maybelline New York Baby lips Bright Out Loud : My latest obsession!!  Now this one's for the mint lovers combined with the tint and lasting effect. The strawberry flavor of this series is always in my bag. Definitely a must buy!!
BUY - HERE (Only for INR 190)

7. Maybelline Baby Lips Color Changing Lip Balm, Peach Bloom : As the name suggests, this baby does easy on lips with its simple pink shade on your lips. If you like to go with subtle shade of pink, this is for you. This is my latest buy and I'm pretty much impressed but you need to reapply in 3-4 hours for a fresh look.

The list shall be updated as I explore more lip balms. Till then, explore more articles from Hazel Blink Lifestyle.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Article on Skin care regime by Hazel Blink Lifestyle....

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