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Welcome to another experience sharing article on how can you can lift up your depressant self with some good food. Yes! That works, no matter what the situation is. For severe depression cases you might need medication and supplements to play key role but these foods are such a savior, why not include them in your daily diet? Before I start listing down the magical foods, I assume you've already gone through my article - Depression - self help. If not, You definitely need to go through it.
Before learning about anti-depressant foods, why not dig into the root causes. Right!?!

Foods that fight Depression
Let's choose Natural remedies over Anti-depressants.

Alrighttttt!!!! Here we Go....

1. ZINC - Yes! You read that right. This one's a mineral that interact directly with brain neurons and it's deficiency has been proven to lead depression cases. So adding oysters, shellfish, meet, nuts, seeds and other zinc filled foods in diet is going to show improvement in symptoms.

2. Green Tea - That's probably most of you already know. Not just for depression, green tea is proven to have many health benefits that cannot be ignored. Green tea has been my best friends since many years, as the anti oxidants filled in it help clearing up your skin and detoxifying your internal system. I usually drink twice a day, within meal intervals.

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3. Vitamin D and B - Not getting enough sunlight? Well, that can be one root cause of your depressive state.Make sure to get plenty of Vitamin D  Vitamin B complex are essentials for combating stress and depression. Vitamin C is also proven to reduce stress and people with lower amount of these vitamins are often fatigued.

4. Dark chocolate - This one's a delicious cure. If you don't know already, here I am to enlighten you on this. Dark chocolates reduce production of stress hormones, also has carbs in form of sugar that lifts up the mood right with the intake.

5. Eggs - This stands first in my list of best breakfasts of all time. Eggs are packed up with protein and nutrients that have zinc. Vitamin D is another best thing to be found in eggs that help fight depression. As already discussed about zinc and it's importance, eggs are something you can fight zinc deficiency with. And why not? Eggs are multipurpose meal and has endless benefits of all kinds.

6. Almonds - Thank your mom and nanny, you were provided with enough intake of almonds while growing up. But little did we know, adulating could be a stressful part & might lead to depression. Almonds have a lot of magnesium that makes a "feel good" brain chemical, that helps in this case. Let's make it a habit of snacking on almonds and see how it works. P.S - Soaked ones are a wonder to your body.

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7. Banana - Feeling low for no reason? Try eating 1-2 bananas, even if you're not a fan. It is going to lift up your mood in no time, without a doubt. And the energy it provides instantly is a proof why body builders have it in their diet plan.

8. Avocados - A fruit that is not easily available and can cost you some extra bucks is one depression fighting food along with incredible other health benefits.

9. Spinach - Another good reason to thank your mom. Remember how 'Popeye' our favorite cartoon character had that instant energy boost just by having a spinach dose? All the required nutrients to fight depression are present in this one, good for our brain health as well as anxiety disorders.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar - You might not easily find this product listed in Anti-depressant foods but this one's a great deal. Having it on regular basis will help your body restore it's natural balance as it provides all essential vitamins and minerals. A good quality ACV can be taken in form of 1 tsp with 1 glass of water twice  a day and You'll feel the energy that was never before. I've been taking it for a while now and I'm already a fan.

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Hope the article has helped sort out some of your requirements. Do us a favor by sharing with other people and commenting down if this one helped. Thank You!

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