All about Lips (Lip care regime | Home remedies for dark lips | lip discoloration treatment )

From head to Toe, we've been doing it all to look flawless; and the most we put our focus on is a lush lip color, Don't we? An absolute game changer!! But do we really care about what's beneath it's surface?

Let's not get into polling on who does care & who doesn't.

The important message here is knowing more about the essential lip care that we often ignore and sometimes take it too lightly. Painting that smile on face with harsh concealers, chemicals and peal off lipsticks can gradually take a toll on your lips. Long term ignorance of lip care can lead to persisting damage like dry/ dehydrated lips, permanent blackening etc.

Lip care regime for soft lips
Lip care regime

This post is to list down my personal lip care regime and also my favorite lip balms that are tried & tested in last few years. Here are some tricks to keeping lips pink naturally forever.

List of Home remedies for natural pink lips  -

  • Back to basics - Never believed though but realised when actually tried a few and all you need is some consistency. Mix a teaspoon of lime juice, half a spoon of  honey & sugar; I personally like to add drops of rosewater, for obvious reasons. Do once/twice a week, depending on your need and watch it do some magic.
  • Scrub it off - Yes, I did talk about the same in first point but we'll be talking of a different technique this time. Apply some lip balm on lips, take damp paper/ cotton and rub it on lips to swipe across. Do it until, the lip balm is almost absorbed or rubbed off.  Now doing this will remove all the dead skin, increasing blood flow in lips, making them look fuller and pulpy. Once you're done, apply another thin layer of your tinted lip balm before you apply concealer/ lipstick to keep them shielded.
  • Let your money speak - Busy bees who like to keep something handy in their bag can also opt of luxury lip scrubs available in market. You can use them occasionally and they work perfectly great when you're on the go. I have tried a few but The Body Shop Lip scuff is something I've been using lately. It has peppermint fragrance and scrub beads in it, comes in a cute lip stick (The best thing). It might look heavy on budget in the name of a lip scrub but it's worth the investment. P.S - The only downside is the quantity for it's price. Here are some pretty good options available on Amazon that you'll totally love - SHOP HERE
  • Water is the savior - Yes! It keeps our body hydrated, removes toxins, beautifies our skin and the list goes on... With everything it does to our body, it also keeps our lips hydrated. Chances of chapped lips, darkening and dullness can be avoided if you're hydrated enough. Add fruits and vegetables in the list for better results
  • Keep matte at bay - Not all matte lipsticks dry out your lips but max would do that. Choosing your favorite matte should be followed by looking for moisturizing ingredients like jojoba oil or vitamin E, and never forget to follow steps from 2nd point.
  • toothpaste on lips
    Making smiles better
  • Toothpaste & Baby Brush - Now that's another old school way of exfoliating your lips. Apply a thin layer of the plain/ original paste (Like we had colgate in childhood days) on your  lips, avoid the corners as it can get too dry. Keep it for 10 minutes and scrub it off using a baby brush & water AND Never forget to moisturize after scrubbing.
  • Experiment with Lip balms - I keep doing this endlessly. Getting your favorite tint, flavor and quality, all in one lip balm is nearly impossible. But you can always try! A lip balm only makes a cut depending on ones requirement and preference.
  • Eat and apply some - 'Desi ghee' is what is being referred here. There are 'n' no of benefits desi ghee has and one of them is that it leaves your lips hydrated when left overnight on them. Also, lightens them to pinkish shade.
Link to my lip balm collection (Under 300) - List of Best Lip balms under 300

Follow any/ few of the above mentioned tips and gradually the results will show up. Keep smiling and shining with Blink style :)
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